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A raíz del lanzamiento público (en beta) de, se publicaba en el blog Jeni's Musing el artículo "Why Linked Data for" en el que se reflexiona y argumenta las ventajas de utilizar datos enlazadaos o 'linked data', donde aborda el tema de estándares y vocabularios. Recomendable la lectura del post para aquellos interesados en interoperabilidad semántica, puesto que los datos enlazados son un paso hacia la misma.

Un anticipo del post: " was finally launched to the public last week (still in beta, but now a more public beta than the beta that it’s been in for the last few months). It’s a great step forward, and everyone involved should be proud of both the amount of data that’s been made available and the website itself, which (unlike a lot of UK government IT) was developed rapidly by a small team based on open source software (and at low cost). This is a first step on a long road. One of the features of the UK Government’s approach to freeing data is the emphasis on using linked data. What I don’t think has really been articulated is either what that means or why we should take this approach. [...] the UK government is committed to publishing data as linked data because they are convinced it is the best approach available for publishing data in a hugely diverse and distributed environment, in a gradual and sustainable way. Why?"
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Publicado en Jeni's Musings - el: 1/26/2010 2:10:58 PM


Publicat em 10.8.2010 per Susana López Sola · Equipo GNOSS

APECKS: a Tool to Support Living Ontologies (1998)

Hace casi 12 años, Jenifer Tennison y Nigel R. Shadbolt presentaron una herramienta para la creación de ontologías, APPECKS, en el congreso KAW’98 (celebrado del 18 al 23 de abril de 1998 en Alberta, Canadá), cuyas características se describen el en artículo 'APECKS: una herramienta que admita ontologías vivas'. APPECKS consistía en un software social basado en web para la creación de ontologías ideado para poder trabajar con ontologías 'vivas', ontologías evolutivas

El resumen del artículo, en el idioma original, dice así: "Ontology servers are currently under-developed in terms of the support they provide for collaborative activities on their content. This paper presents the APECKS (Adaptive Presentation Environment for Collaborative Knowledge Structuring) system, an ontology server which supports collaboration by allowing individuals to create personal ontologies. These ontologies can be compared with others' to prompt discussion about the sources of their differences and similarities. Support for structured communication in this way should, we suggest, produce richer, more detailed ontologies, as well as design rationales for their structure. We assert that ontologies must be viewed as living, debated and maintained resources: APECKS is a system to support collaborative work with them. The APECKS system and its lifecycle is described and discussed and future research directions highlighted." 

Jenifer Tennison en su blog Jeni's musing dedica un post más reciente a recordar este proyecto: 'APECKS, ten years on'. En él hace hincapié más que en la herramienta en la idea en sí, en una época en la que no existían los RDFs y mucho menos OWL.


Compartit em 19.1.2010 per Susana López Sola · Equipo GNOSS