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GNOSS guide for... entrepreneurs

Consultancies, finantial grants, subsidies ... Starting a business project seems a simple way according to a wide range of information sources. However, only the professional who risks knows the difficulty and needs for more specific guidance. In GNOSS he can find a partner on his way to generate business.
Information for the entrepreneur     
The GNOSS user that has consider starting a personal project os has just launched a business proposal to the market has available several sources to help him get information and even make decisions. The list of GNOSS communities has some specialized spaces to share and view resources:
  • Emprendedores (Entrepreneurs): a digital meeting space designed to connect the mind and the knowledge of professionals who have tested their talents to start a new business and need inspiration, judgment and support.
  • Empresa Familiar (Family Business): community that enables the exchange of information, experiences and knowledge about all aspects concerning the family business.
  • Expopyme: virtual space that provides resources on Expopyme, the most important event in Spain in terms of SMEs.
Another option is to create a new community with a specialty in which your company develops its activity or is about to start business. Example: Your business is dedicated to emerging public relations online. You can create your own virtual space with a thematic community dedicated to this specialty including resources and sources of quality which deal with and deepen on the field of public relations. You can upload your reports, opinion columns, featured posts...
What’s this space for? It is an excellent business card for the entrepreneur user: it shares quality information and, at the same time, builds a digital reputation that can open him doors in his industry. On the other hand, it attracts talent and professionals related to that field.
And another proposal: If you are looking for funding, why don’t you create a community to manage the relationships with potential investors? GNOSS provides the privacy you require.
Organization as a user   
GNOSS allows the user to sign up as an organization. With this option, the entrepreneur can have a website in which he presents and shows his products to all the users. In addition, GNOSS lets you create your own intranet and manage your own hard disk on the Net.
With the organization user, the entrepreneur can make contacts with other professionals who participate in GNOSS and share their concerns.


Do you need skilled professionals?
GNOSS can also be very useful to find people for your new business staff. In the tab ‘People and organizations’ you have the option to do a specific search in the areas and sectors related to your activity.
From ‘Search options’ you have the possibility of finding profiles based on your interests (communities) and even the geographic location of GNOSS users who have chosen to be visible. Example: you’re looking for a professional with expertise in media. If you access the drop-down search menu, you can find some communities related to journalism. For example, select ‘Next Media’ and look for profiles that may interest you by adding a geographical location and, if you want, a more specific specialization such as ‘corporate communications’.



Publicat em 19.5.2010 per Equipo GNOSS