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 GNOSS guide for... including GNOSS in your web site

The GNOSS widget lets you take content of the GNOSS communities to the websites of users and people interested in the information shared on the net. How does it work?
1. Enter the GNOSS community that you want to see on your website. In the ‘I want to’ menú you’ll find the option ‘Create a widget’. Click on it and you’ll go to the settings page.
2. The page shows you four options: number of resources, width, code and preview.
Number of resources: You may include a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 resources of the choosen community. These contents are the latest ones that have been uploaded to the community. If you want to see how they’ll be shown, take a look at this picture of the ‘Preview’. In this way, you can define the appearance of GNOSS on your web.
Width: The widget can have a width between 220 and 650 pixels. Like with the number of resources, you have a preview to see the result.
Code: the text box gives you the code you need to paste into your website so that GNOSS adds contents. Copy and paste, so easy.
Preview: it offers the look you’ve defined for your widget. As you can see, the header displays the logo and title in your community. From there, you have a resource list and a widget footer that lets you keep surfing more resources of the community.
3. As an appetizer, we’ll show you examples of GNOSS widget integrations

The Asociación de Empresas Riojanas TIC, AERTIC (ICT Companies Association of La Rioja) considered the possibility of offering its members updated contents with information about the sector. To do so, it changed the widget of its GNOSS community and expanded its size to fit the structure of its website. In this way, visitors of AERTIC web can now have a bulletin board with the constant updating that the GNOSS community enables.
The blog 'Ideas Aumentadas' offers a very interesting and comprehensive content on ‘marketing’. Its creator is responsible for two GNOSS communities: Branding and Marketing Aumentado. In them, he and other GNOSS users share information on these two issues. The blog offered the chance to edit a column to include more comments. At that point, the GNOSS widget has become an excellent complement to the blog entries: it enriches the blog with new contents, shows updated information and links to the GNOSS communities.


Publicado el 9.8.2010 por Equipo GNOSS