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GNOSS guide for... a SME 2.0

Small and medium enterprises have needs for communication and management that environments 2.0 can meet with easy and effective models. GNOSS offers a set of tools and services to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and make their presence on the Net to generate conversation and business.

Web for the company
GNOSS offers the SME something more than a company website. It gives you the opportunity to participate in Web 2.0 by creating a community. This service allows you to have internet presence, build conversation and promote relationships.
Corporative communication
A GNOSS community is a very powerful tool to attract and retain new clients online. The community of an SME allows flexible and dynamic conversation and relationship with its clients and users. Never had a company been closer to its target public. Thanks to the GNOSS communities, a SME can use a powerful communication channel to present their new products, product catalog, corporate updates, news...
People who consume their products or services have a meeting space in the SME’s community in GNOSS. There, they can comment, make suggestions, send messages, value services... The SME is approaching its target and, in turn, it’s feeding on the information it obtains. It could even offer special deals for participating on its network.
Communication is complemented by more services:
  • An enterprise can have its own blogging service in GNOSS.
  • In GNOSS we believe in the connection between social networks. An example is the implementation of a service that allows the company to show its GNOSS resources on Twitter.
  • Visibility on the Internet. The semantic technology developed by GNOSS provides companies having GNOSS communities a good search engine positioning. Thus, when a potential client makes a specific search for a product, the company participating in GNOSS will have many chances of appearing at the top results.

Intranet and hard disk

GNOSS provides the company with a digital identity on the Internet. A SME works as an ‘organization user’ in GNOSS. What does this mean? In GNOSS you can interact as a person or as an organization. A company is an ‘organization user’ that includes, if desired, workers who are registered in GNOSS. This way, it can develop its internal network or intranet, where the company can work and communicate with their employees. This provides several advantages:

The documentation that a company manages is subject to changes, revisions and verifications. Document management needs processes to speed up the development and evolution of the material. Usually e-mails, USB sticks, CDs, attachments… contain the required information to prepare a project but are subject to/have some risks... What company hasn’t lost any documents, used outdated files or suffered a breach of confidentiality in a project? GNOSS works as a virtual hard disk and solves these problems with its document management system.

A company can work collaborativelly on its projects within a community. There, the roles with the responsibilities of its members are defined, depending on what the SME decides. The company will have one or more users responsible for the community who will make a decision on who can see and edit their documents. The enterprise controls the entire management process.

What are the advantages of the GNOSS document management?

  • The documents are never lost and are accessible from anywhere in the world that has internet access. One just needs GNOSS username and password.
  • There is a privacy level determined by people responsible for the organization account. Only the people they want can see the projects; only the people participating in them can work on it.
  • Two or more members of a company can work on a project at the same time. GNOSS protects the documents and prevents lost or overlap.
  • You can follow the history of a project. The communities show the  history of a document. 
Search for professionals
GNOSS gives the user the possibility of creating its own curriculum vitae on the net. This is an augmented profile: besides the biography it offers a virtual hard disk that can show reports, documents, thesis ... that the user wants to make available to internauts. It is your best presentation as an applicant for a job.

GNOSS is a very useful tool for finding interesting professional profiles. On a first visit, a recruiter can surf GNOSS and see what thematic areas or communities he is interested in. He can also make a detailed search on specific specialties or fields on which he intends to find professional profiles. GNOSS guarantees do discreetly, since the recruiter has the option of remaining ‘invisible’ to maintain discretion in their operations.
GNOSS allows him to follow both users interesting for a possible job and topics to find an expert or a certain profile. It’s possible thanks to its email notification system.


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