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In GNOSS you can create as many biographies as you need to share them with the members of the communities you take part in. How? Go to my profile in your personal menu and click on ‘edit biography’. There we’ll ask you to tell us the most significant and relevant facts to your professional and personal life (Biography), what you do today (Now I am), what your whishes and goals in life are (I would like), what you can offer to the community GNOSS (I can offer), what your interests are (I’m interested in) and to define yourself in four words (Tags)... or five, as you need. To see how your biography looks like, you can click on preview and save it if you like it, or edit it again if you want to change or add something new. Whatever you do, don’t forget to save it when you are ready.

You can edit and extend this biography you’ve just created (if you want); select it and click on edit. Once finished, you can make a copy of it by clicking on ‘Duplicate’ and make the changes you need to adapt it to the community in which you want to introduce yourself.

You already have your first two biographies in GNOSS. Now you only have to share them in the communities you participate in so that its members can know you. If you select one of the bios you just saved, a menu on the top will activate. Click on share and then on the community you want and save.

How do you know which biography is shared in each community you participate in? Very easy; in my profile go to ‘home’ and select the community in the box next to See user’s profile.


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