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GNOSS guide for… performing a SWOT analysis: editors and participants assess and vote

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  1. General options to create a swot
  2. How to include the SWOT analysis factors
  3. Editors and participants assess and vote
  4. Phase to unify the SWOT analysis
This phase is the assessment or answer to the SWOT. Participants vote the factors proposed as weaknesses/threats/ strengths/opportunities in the following scale: 
In disagreement/ Not agree at all / Little agree / Agree/ Total agree
Also, they can add new factors to the proposal, so that the other participants and editors can assess more ideas.
In turn, if the SWOT manager has determined that the SWOT assessments are private, only the voting scale and how many people voted will be shown. However, if you have enabled the votes to be public, participants and publishers will see the average.
The GNOSS SWOT analyses allow the conversation on the issues that participants consider appropriate: they can comment every factor.
The votes are automatically saved and the user can change his vote to a factor while the voting period is open. The participant will receive an alert the day before the closing date and the last day of the SWOT assessment period.
Do you want to create a SWOT analysis?
To propose a SWOT analysis, you have to enter your community and go to the tab 'Collective thinking'. There you will find the button 'Create swot'. If that tab is not available in your community toolbar, the manager may request it to GNOSS
If you want to see all SWOT analyses you’re taking in, either as a manager, editor or participant, you have a shortcut to ‘My SWOT’ in your dropdown menu (the personal or the corporate one) that will take you to a webpage with your swot list and their state.
You can get more information about the SWOT tool in the GNOSS guide for… performing a SWOT analysis.

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