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How do I manage my digital identity and presence in My profile

From "My profile" you can manage your digital identity in GNOSS. In the editor of biographies you can create as many biographies as you want and share them with the different communities. In "Home" you can view these biographies and see how you are introducing yourself in each community where you collaborate.

You also have a personal space for resources to manage your intellectual heritage. You can create an index of categories to organize your knowledge and choose what knowledge you make public (visible to other users GNOSS on your profile) and what you kept private so only you can see it. You can also share your resources with the communities where you participate. These communities are listed in the "communities" tab while your contributions in GNOSS (digital documents, comments, etc.) will be recorded in the "contributions" tab.

Finally, in "edit profile" you can modify and update your registration details.

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