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What can I do in the 'Actions' menu?

You can carry out some actions with people, organizations, communities and blogs on Those are shown in the 'Actions' menu that you’ll find on their right.

You can add a person as your contact, or if it is so, make friends or eliminate him as a contact, send a message and subscribe to his/her profile. You can also subscribe to a blog from the actions menu. In the case of a community, you can leave it or invite other people to join it.

The actions you can do with an organization depend on your identity. When participating with your personal identity, you can add the organization as contact, and send a message that will reach the administrator of that organization. When participating with your corporate identity you can only add it as a contact to your organization if you are the administrator of the latter.


Publicado el 30.12.2010 por Equipo GNOSS


Both individuals and organizations (companies, NGOs, universities, associations, foundations, etc.) can request an account in GNOSS.

Organizations also can choose between two modes of participation: personal and corporate. In the corporate mode, the personal identities of users who act on behalf of the organization will not be known by other GNOSS users, except for users of the same organization account. In the personal mode, both the organization and the people who compose it will be known, and it will be clear which person in the organization participates in each case in GNOSS.


Publicado el 1.9.2010 por Equipo GNOSS