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GNOSS guide for… teachers
Education and new ways of learning are major concepts in the GNOSS communities. Teachers in schools, high schools and vocational schools can find out and share the latest trends and ideas in the education field. Besides, the digital identity project and the various applications in the GNOSS communities can be very useful for the educational activity.

A discussion place to find new ways of learning
GNOSS is a social network where users share information in thematic communities. Teachers can enjoy several communities that have been promoted by GNOSS with very interesting content according to their specialty. They offer information regarding the latest trends and news in education:

In these communities, apart from sharing resources, teachers can participate in the discussion developed around the uploaded information and files. You can even evaluate them, according to the certification policy that the ‘community manager’ has determined.
The teacher has the option of requesting as many communities as he/she wants and giving them different applications. It will always have an added value, since it allows the privacy level that you demand: from maximum public exposure to the total confidence. Possible uses?

  • Virtual classroom: a site to upload the contents of a subject and generate discussion with students.
  • Management of private or group projects (student work, contests ...)
  • Community on a specific topic you want to lead. Example: e-learning in adult education.

Web and virtual hard disk
The teaching staff can enjoy the possibilites of the GNOSS ‘corporate mode’. By signing up as an organization, a school or a high school has the option to edit its history and show, for example, a description of what services it provides or what activities can be developed at their facilities. That is, it can work as a web page or portfolio of the center.
But the options that GNOSS offers don’t stop there: the user in corporate mode has the capacity to create a virtual hard disk that can store all kinds of documents in private, or show them to the public if desired. For instance, it’s interesting to show internet users a pdf file with all the out-of-school activities in the center. However, the confidential documents, as the minutes of a meeting, may have its place in the space for private resources.
It will be the school, as corporate user, who will decide what contacts can acess and participate in its resources as editors or simply readers. So, GNOSS could work as an intranet for the teaching staff.


Publicado el 19.5.2010 por Equipo GNOSS