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    Publicado el 30.7.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    gnoss.com newsletter: 26th July Week

    Hi gnossonaut!

    In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in gnoss.com. We also want to have your opinion. So do not miss the questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!:

    When Internal Collaboration Is Bad for Your Company - Harvard Business Review
    Professor Hansen’s article in the Harvard Business Review which states that for companies, such as in the case of cholesterol with humans, there are good cooperation and bad collaboration.
    “What happens with this phone?” (El País, about iPhone 4)
    David Alandete analyzes all the iPhone4 pre-launch race and the Steve Jobs’ problems  with marketing.
    “A More Semantic iPad?” (Jennifer Zaino) Flipboard acquires semantic startup The Ellerdale Project
     New possibilities for the IPAD, in this case because of the semantics. Flipboard has purchased The Ellerdale Project.
    BLOG Idehen's Kingsley, CEO and Founder of OpenLink Software, Virtuoso.
     Idehen Kingsley is the founder, president and CEO of OpenLink Software, and probably one of the deepest expertise in data integration problems in what is known as 'Linked Data'.
    SEO tips from the experts. Tech Talks - Google I / O 2010. Matt Cutts, Greg Grothaus, Evan Roseman
     It is always advisable to go to the sources, but in the case of Google and its search engine is particularly useful. Few companies are so clear in explaining motives and methods.
    Materials to implement the Escuela 2.0 project in Secondary. Internet as an educational resource.
    Set of websites that may be useful in implementing the Escuela 2.0 project in Secondary
    “What happens to us inside?” Chat Punset in presenting clusTIC. Video
     Eduard Punset notes that "for the first time in history we know what happens inside us".
    "We give good information without political or business interests" (Wikileaks)
     Interview with Julian Assange, responsible for Wikileaks.
    The future of higher education, some keys / Dolors Reig Hernández
    Dolors Reig discusses some current trends in education.
    Tell me: how things work
     Interesting articles and content on new technologies, science, physics, etc.
    Questions and debates
    Do you think the problem of the iPhone 4 coverage is so serious?
    What is the origin of the Golden Age of Spanish sport?
    What do you think about the care of talent on the media?
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    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team