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    Publicado el 18.12.2009 por Equipo GNOSS

    20091218 Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: work with us from your Mac.
    we'll ask you some questions: Do SMEs have time to do business online? Do you think the economic crisis is an opportunity to open market on the Net? Is the internet presence affordable for a company? These issues are among the factors being discussed in the SWOT analysis ‘La pyme española en internet’ (The Spanish SMEs on the Internet) we are promoting in GNOSS. We have some ideas, but we are missing yours.
    The first approach of the entrepreneur to internet was an email account and in the best case, a corporate website. It was a one-way communication by the SME: it only issued and the views of consumers and customers were not taken into account or were not seeked. The development of the Net due to the rapid and massive spread of social networking and also messaging and publication services launched a new concept of relationship between SMEs and customers. There is no longer an exclusive broadcast: a conversation takes place. It’s the Web 2.0. This concept goes beyond the idea of corporate website. The communication of an SME goes further and is relocated to several points of interest: the conversation is distributed throughout the Net. This idea means a rethinking of corporate strategy since the brand is developed thanks to its presence in webpages, blogs , microblogs, networks ... The paradigm change in communication involves a challenge for SMEs. Apart from the underdeveloped communication, they lack information on funding, technical requirements and human resources for it.
    Do you think like us? Sure you have many things to say. To take part in the SWOT analysis ‘The Internet Spanish SMEs’, enter the Expopyme community. At that time, we’ll give you access to our collective thinking service. From there, you can vote, comment and add new factors to SWOT analysis.

    GNOSS guide for... including GNOSS in your web
    We are very interested in our users suggestions. We’re building GNOSS with them. In fact, don’t wait any more if you want to say something or throw a suggestion. One result of this communication is the widget we’ve just launched. We’ll explain it: our development team has worked to integrate GNOSS into the gnossonauts webpages. Do you want to try this service?
    Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
    share content from your favourite Mac web browser?
    If you want, GNOSS surfs with you. We want to make your work in the GNOSS communities easier and enable you to share all the resources you consider appropriate. For that, we offer you a possibility you’ll like: the ‘Add to GNOSS’ tool. You can access it after joining GNOSS from the ‘GNOSS tools’ menu, which is on the left column of the webpage. So when you’re working on the internet and want to share the page you’re visiting, you’ll only have to click on a button in your browser. A resource card will be displayed automatically for you to complete the resource information and become part of the communities you want. Now, the GNOSS team gives you more possibilities since the application can be used in Mac (from Mac OS Leopard 10.5.7) and Mozilla Firefox (from version 3.5.5), Safari  (from version 4.0.2 ) and Chrome (from version 4.02.249).

    Enjoy GNOSS; we innovate with you.
    The GNOSS Team