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    Publicado el 15.10.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Hi gnossonaut!

    This is not an exclusive but ... just about. We’ve just launched a new release with many new features that improve mainly the creation of classes and educational communities in gnoss.com. In fact, you may have already read the Watermelon blog, where Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO of gnoss.com, gives an idea of the main changes and how they affect our educational projects.

    Basically, we have simplified the registration of classes and educational communities with the creation of the figure of 'Professor'. In this way, any professional in education who wants to launch an educational community in gnoss.com can access a personalized environment to work with his/her students (provided they are 14 years old or older). You will be surprised because you can create a class and work with it in only a few minutes. 

    Where can you find all the information about our educational communities

    If your focus is the university, we recommend that you visit GNOSS University 2.0. However, if you are interested in knowing how to manage your class on social networks in other education fields, we invite you to visit GNOSS Educa, with information for Secondary Education (junior high school and high school) and Vocational Training, among other types of education and training.

    But we make it even easier for you. Yes, that happens to us too: we don’t read the DVD instructions or the mobile ones... We want a quick guide for everything. Well, as we understand you, we made a short tutorial to create classes and educational communities.

    Help and frequently asked questions about educational communities

    You may have questions about how to make your class. To do this, you can go to our supporting communities: GNOSS Educa and GNOSS University 2.0. If you can’t find any answer to your question, as you know, you can contact us in real time for any doubts about GNOSS University 2.0 in @universidad_20, or  GNOSS Educa in @educaciongnoss.

    After this 'ton' of information, we’ll only steal you one more minute: we can’t go on improving without your opinion. So, what do you think about the changes we made in classes and educational communities? What would you make better? Will you tell us your opinion?

    Oh, and if you have it clear, come on! You can create a class

    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team


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