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    Publicado el 3.9.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    gnoss.com newsletter: The power of learning together: first year of gnoss.com

    Hi gnossonaut!

    A society on the Network, a network of networks, a network with brain... Many times you’ve asked me what gnoss.com is. Well, if tomorrow, September 4th 2010, when gnoss.com is celebrating its first year online, you ask me what we do, I’m quite sure about it: LEARNING. During these twelve months, we’ve talked, shared content, discussed how we could improve our services... and, above all, we’ve learned a lot from each other. We are a lively community which is close to 5,000 users and has long exceeded the 400 communities. All this would not have been possible without you. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But never mind the past, let’s focus on what is coming because you have to keep on helping us...

    gnoss.com Educational Project

    Over the past few weeks, the gnoss.com Team has been heavily involved in the development of two new educational projects. Before telling you about them, let’s review some history. As you might know, since our launch in September 2009, we’ve been making a great effort to offer you and share with you an open space for Education on the Internet. Some communities like Didactalia, La Otra Escuela (the other school) Forma, or University 2.0 are a result of that. But let’s go further.

    In this course start 2010/2011 we are working on two new initiatives: GNOSS University 2.0 and GNOSS Expanded Education. Both projects have had a preliminary test with professors and students of Economics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Up to 400 students have used gnoss.com communities to work and study their subjects. The result couldn’t be better. If you have a minute, I prefer them to tell you an experience that demonstrates the power of informal learning.

    Good results have led us to extend the project to all those teachers, professionals, centers… who want to bet on a new way of teaching and learning in college. This is the GNOSS University 2.0 project, which you can join now if you wish. At the same time, throughout this month we will expand the project with teachers and students of High School and Vocational Training through GNOSS Expanded Education.

    More things, easier

    The projects we’re telling you about don’t make sense without a smarter technology that helps you do more things more easily and successfully. This is the goal of our development team. In the coming months we'll surprise you. As an appetizer, try our faceted search engine prototype.

    Shall we go on learning? I’ll wait for you in gnoss.com ;-)

    Best regards,


    Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO de gnoss.com



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