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    Publicado el 19.2.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Weekly GNOSS newsletter: select your favorite contents

    Hi gnossonaut,
    communication with our users is critical to improving gnoss.com. So we are listening to everything you say and propose. Thus, in recent weeks we have received several queries about who is the owner of the content shared in gnoss.com. To clear up any doubts, we have specified this issue in our Terms of Use with the following paragraph:
    “All the elements of development, programming and design conferring the intellectual property that make up gnoss.com and are necessary for its running, and also the ones in the webpages that form it, are protected in favor of RIAM I+L Lab. In turn, the content shared by gnoss.com users are property of their respective authors.”
    For any questions, please contact us.
    GNOSS guide for… social networks from GNOSS
    If you want, gnoss.com can be the panel to organize your digital identity on the Net. We want to make the work easier for you, that’s why we’re adapting to your interests. gnoss.com lets you share  the resources you choose with the most important social networks. Do you want to know how?
    Also, this week we’ll tell you something new for Twitter: if your community has an associated Twitter channel, it will broadcast automatic ‘tweets’ when a new category is created; the certification policy is changed; a new file type is allowed to upload, or there is a new community manager. To do so, the manager must enable the desired utilities from ‘Manage the community’. 
    Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
    optimize the management of your subscriptions?
    As you know, you can follow the communities and community categories, blogs and users that interest you most through our subscription system. Now we add a new feature that is going to facilitate monitoring. We help you to see clearly what is new and what is read information. So, when you access 'My Subscriptions' you will see the latest resources on a white background. If you enter the resource and you go back to ‘My subscriptions’, this resource will appear backgroundless. The application will understand that you have already read it. And another option: you can now choose the best subscription and save them as favorites. To do this, in ‘Actions’ you can click on ‘Add to favorites’. The resource will appear on a dark gray background.