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    Publicado el 9.7.2010 por Equipo GNOSS


    Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: Don’t stop giving your opinion!

    Hi gnossonaut!

    In recent weeks we announced the new tools for conversation that we’re launching in gnoss.com and..., we are afraid you won’t stop expressing your opinion. We’ll brush up on the new options of 'Questions' and 'Debates', which will be automatically enabled in all gnoss.com communities:

    • Questions

    Do you have any doubt about a particular topic? Do you want to know what your community thinks of the changes you've done lately? Would you like to throw a question to the students in your class at a gnoss.com community?  We are sure you can imagine a thousand questions that the members of your community can answer. The question is asked to the entire community and all its members can give a personalized answer. Just clicking on the statement, you can answer the question. Even if you wish, you can add comments to other community members’ answers.

    Maybe you are interested in taking some of the questions from your community to another community with similar topics. You can do it using the button 'Share'. Each question also has an own internet address (url) that you can send to anyone you want.

    • Debates

    Your community has a critical mass with capacity to draw valuable conclusions on any topic you raise. It's time to brainstorm and discuss ideas in an agile and easy way. To do this, you have access to the 'Debates' tool of gnoss.com. The debate is thrown to all community members and they can participate adding any comments they deem appropriate, to both the original wording and the other participants’ answers.

    The user who starts the debate and the community manager will set when the debate is closed. The debate belongs solely to the community in which it is released. You can indeed spread it like an internet address (url) from 'Send link'.


    GNOSS guide for... including GNOSS in your web

    gnoss.com helps you to improve your web, blog, your company web… Your favorite gnoss.com community can be integrated in the webpage you want thanks to the widget we’ve developed. It is relevant content that also generates participation and conversation. Do you want to try this service?


    Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
    use your LinkedIn résumé?

    We suggest that you write as many CVs as you need in gnoss.com. Maybe, you have already prepared one in another professional network. If you have done it on LinkedIn, gnoss.com allows you to import it and convert it to a curriculum vitae in Europass format with your gnoss.com user. Do you want to import your CV?


    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team





    Publicado el 29.1.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: do you want to have an influence on your community? 

    Hello gnossonaut
    last week we invited you to meet members of the GNOSS communities through the image cloud. How are you doing? Did you find friends? Sure! In some of your messages and emails you made us some very interesting suggestions. Among them, you asked us to encourage the other gnossonauts to include an image in their profiles. Absolutely agree! Therefore, we are taking this newsletter to ask all the gnossonaut community for a small effort. Well, two small efforts ;-) Let’s get to the point: to be more visible in gnoss.com, we recommend including that photo, portrait or caricature with which you identify yourself. You can do it from ‘My Profile’/ ‘Edit Profile’. And another idea: do you know that your biography appears associated with your image? You can work on it from ‘My Profile’/ ‘Edit biography’. If you want to be influential in gnoss.com, face it! ;-)
    GNOSS guide for… teachers
    Education and new ways of learning are major concepts in the GNOSS communities. Teachers in schools, high schools and vocational schools can find out and share the latest trends and ideas in the education field. Besides, the digital identity project and the various applications in the GNOSS communities can be very useful for the educational activity.

    Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
    bring the contents of your community where you want?
    Gnoss.com communities have the option to share content on multiple social networks. You gnossonauts already know this possibility of interoperating from our knowledge network. We’ll tell you some examples of users who are ‘exploiting’ gnoss.com services:
    The blog ‘Ideas aumentadas’ (augmented ideas) is associated with two gnoss.com communities: Marketing Aumentado (augmented marketing) and Branding. The person responsable for the blog wants knowledge shared on gnoss.com to be present in the blog. The gnoss.com widgets give him this service.
    This organization that supports the development of talent and high skills has created a community where over a hundred people are taking part. Promete manages its online reputation from gnoss.com and for that it uses a Twitter channel that reports on new content of its community. Also, its official website includes a  gnoss.com widget which updates the resources shared by users.
    The TIGs community analyzes trends in Geographic Information Technologies. The contents that its community manager shares in gnoss.com, can be seen directly through the Geomática Twitter channel, and also on Facebook at Tigs Geomática.