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    Publicado el 13.12.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Ernesto Ochoa, estudiante de grado de Pedagogía por la UNED, reseña en el blog Tecno@prendo la aplicación de gnoss.com en ámbitos educativos.



    Publicado el 12.11.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Hi, gnossonaut!

    On Wednesday November 17th, Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO and founder of gnoss.com, will present the online community ‘Overcoming the crisis and emerge stronger’ (Superar la crisis y salir fortalecidos) in the Week of Quality and Excellence Euskalit-INSIDE (at CRAI Library, Deusto University, Abandoibarra, Bilbao). We will celebrate a debate to assess the experience from different perspectives and analyze the issues and problems addressed, proposed solutions, and, in short, everything learned from the community. Do you feel like participating?

    And as we don't want to miss our weekly appointment, here is the selection of the featured resources shared in gnoss.com communities.


    Presentation and invitation for schools of the Basque Country organized by ZiberEskola and GNOSS: 'Beyond Moodle... GNOSS: more digital life to learn. It will take place on Wednesday November 17, 2010 from 16h to 18h in Bilbao (IES Miguel de Unamuno, Main Class of Informatics).

    Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO of gnoss.com, is one of the speakers at the seminars 'Profit from the Internet channel', organized by the Club de Marketing de La Rioja. The first meeting will take place on November 19, 2010 (16h to 21.00h). Registration is required.

    If you want to know what papers, talks, seminars... in which gnoss.com is involved, we invite you to see our events section.


    Data Incubator is focused on creating and publishing Linked Data, particularly where that data is converted from pre-existing sources.

    Datalift is a French research project defined as "A catalyser for the Web of data".

    A new book by Charles Leadbeater. 'We Think' explores the potential of the latest developments of the internet.

    Santiago Niño Becerra participated on Tuesday, November 9th 2010, at a conference on the crisis at Oficina Evolutiva, Pancorbo (Logroño, La Rioja). The content of the talk prompted a harsh article on the newspaper 'El País' that exposed the errors of this media economist's 'predictions'.

    Interesting article by Miren Gutierrez, IPS, arguing that one of the keys to overcoming the crisis in Spain might be in the field of renewable energy as a sector where the Spanish economy can create more added value.

    Lecture by Ulrich Beck at Harvard University where he presented some arguments taken from his books 'Power in the Global Age', 'The Cosmopolitan Vision' and 'World at Risk'.

    Carles Dorado Perea is a professor, psychologist and a PhD in education (UAB). He is the coordinator of graduate programs and distance masters on topics related to Education, Media and Audiovisual Communication.

    A study of the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Comission. This report presents the findings of a structured and targeted expert consultation process on the Future of Education and Training, employing the Group Concept Mapping methodology. This intensive process involved a focus group of 13 experts.




    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team


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