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    Publicado el 6.2.2011 por Equipo GNOSS

    Hi gnossonaut!

    We are very happy with you: thanks for your ideas, opinions and comments. The new gnoss.com design we’ve launched this week would not have been possible without your contributions and suggestions. But, we are expecting more opinions. What do you think about the changes? What score do we get? Let your comments on GNOSSLife. We don’t want to stop; you know we innovate you ;-)

    As we are among friends, we're going to warmly slap you on the wrist. You aren’t making the most from gnoss.com. The project offers different and varied features that maybe you don’t know, perhaps because of the extension of the proposal. Did you know that when someone looks for your name in Google your biography on gnoss.com can appear in the first place?

    You’ll need only 5 minutes to get this benefit:


    Select an image you to identify yourself with. You can do it so from My profile/Edit Profile/ Personal data


    We encourage you to tell us who you are on the personal and professional level. Both online and offline, nearby stories work (Storytelling)). Do you want us to know your story? Tell us about it on My profile/BIOS and CVs editor.

    You can follow a video tutorial to write your biography: How do I edit and make public my biography gnoss.com?

    • 3. BUILD YOUR CV

    We make it even easier for you. Maybe you already have a CV you've written or prepared directly on LinkedIn. Gnoss.com allows you to import it.

    We’ll show you how: How do I build my CV on gnoss.com? Can I import my CV from other social networks?


    On gnoss.com you have control over the way you introduce yourself. Whenever you want you have the possibility to modify the scope of your biography on My Profile/Edit Profile/Privacy


    • Would you like to participate in iRedes?

    The next 24thand 25thFebruary the First Latin American Congress on Social Networks (iRedes) is taking place in Burgos (Spain). The event will receive more than 250 professionals involved with social networks and facilitators of the major networks in Spain and Latin America, community managers and digital entrepreneurs, professionals interested in the field of marketing and communication and people responsible for building, expanding and managing communities around a brand or purpose. Ricardo Alonso Maturana, gnoss.com CEO, is participating in the section 'Entangled Projects’.

    You can check the scheduled program and register.

    If you want to know what papers, talks, seminars... in which gnoss.com is involved, we invite you to see our events section.

    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team

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    Publicado el 14.5.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: prepare your CV and communicate your career 

    Hi gnossonaut,

    your gnoss.com identity is the best business card on the Internet. As a registered user, you have two tools to promote your skills and knowledge through the Web: you can increase the communication about your personal career with biographies or curriculum vitae where you tell or list your academic awards, professional career or hobbies. In this way, you increase your chances to find job or meet people who share your interests. You can do so through the classic curriculum vitae, but in gnoss.com we invite you to go further: you have the possibility of writing short biographies in which, through a story, you tell your personal background, your interests and your goals. Do you want to write your story?

    GNOSS guide for... headhunters

    The thematic specialization of the GNOSS communities enables to find people grouped by common interests. It’s possible to make very specific searches on content and users who excel in highly specialized sectors. Are you looking for any professional profile?

    Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
    use your LinkedIn résumé?

    We suggest that you write as many CVs as you need in gnoss.com. Maybe, you already have prepared one in another professional network. If you have done it on LinkedIn, gnoss.com allows you to import it and convert it to a curriculum vitae in Europass format with your gnoss.com user.


    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team