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    Publicado el 10.9.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    gnoss.com newsletter: 6th September week

    Hi gnossonaut!

    We have launched a new set of help and FAQs articles to make your work in gnoss.com easier. After reading your emails and requests, it seemed urgent to work and show the possibilities of the community management in gnoss.com. Then, now you have six videotutorials to manage a community. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

    Let’s go to our selection of the best of the week:


    Webpage of the Web Standards Group (WSG) in which the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) along with other groups and standards bodies, “has established technologies for creating and interpreting web-based content.”

    Google announces Google Instant: WHILE you are typing a search (query): Google is already showing you some references of similar terms.

    Classroom 2.0, the largest social network about web 2.0 in education, has more tan 40,000 registered members. 

    School support interactive service for children, teachers and parents. It is a social network for children that works with avatars.

    Presentation 'Embedding and sustaining University 2.0', by Brian Kelly, at the University 2.0 meeting (Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo).

    Record of the E-learning 2.0 meeting where GNOSS Universidad 2.0 was presented.

    As governments stabilize their finances after the global economic crisis, education has been put back into the spotlight.

    The World Economic Forum has selected the 31 most innovative companies for the year 2011.

    Do you think that you can contribute ideas to improve connectivity and collaboration? Can you offer ideas for the management and control of company assets so that the customer service improves? And to optimize processes? Do you have any ideas to better protect corporate information?

    The professor of digital journalism at the University of Texas believes that only newspapers which realize quickly that the priority goes through the digital media will survive, although the paper remains the main source of income for a header.



    We keep on working on the following gnoss.com SWOT analysis:

    To take part in them, you only have to join the community Universidad 2.0 or Casa de los Periodistas.

    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team


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