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    Publicado el 27.8.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    gnoss.com newsletter: 23rd August Week

    Hi gnossonaut!

    In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in gnoss.com. We also want to have your opinion. So don’t miss the SWOT, questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!



    It’s the turn of Ricardo Alonso Maturana (gnoss.com CEO) in a series of interviews on the occasion of the Meeting University 2.0 at UIMP for his contribution to the event with "University GNOSS 2.0: Digital Life to learn."

    The Spanish university system no longer has any representatives among the 200 best centers in the world, according to the University of Shanghai ranking.

    20th June 2010 broadcast of the ‘Redes’ program, directed by Eduard Punset.

    Ken Robinson talks about talent on the TED conferences.

    Article by Cintia Vanesa Días in a special issue on social networks in the mexican journal ‘Contaduría Pública’ in July 2010.

    Altimeter Group published a report on the changes that social media are imposing on companies in regard to CRM.

    The blog ‘Senior Manager’ offers you a collection of the thirteen applications they prefer to monitor  anything on the Net.

    ITC results report on the application of robotics and cognition research within the 7th Framework Program.

    Report by the Economic Intelligence Department of PWC on the state of the world in 2050.

    This report includes indicators for Internet uses (both political and nonpolitical) as the main political attitudes and traditional dimensions of political behavior.


    Debates, questions and SWOTs


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    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

    The gnoss.com Team





    Publicado el 23.4.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: personal users and organizations

    Hi gnossonaut!
    In gnoss.com you have the option to register as an individual user or as an organization. In turn, an organization invites users to join its group. In our next release you will see new features that will make your work easier: 
    • Visibility: an organization decides which of its members are visible in the organization profile. In addition, its members have the option to edit the biography that will appear when representing their organization.
    • Comments: members of an organization can comment the contents in user’s personal profiles and the blogs posts of gnoss.com. The organization manager will decide which people have these permissions.
    GNOSS guide for... professors
    Previously we have told you about the experience University 2.0 that we are developing with the effort and dedication showed by a group of students and professors of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. To find out what gnoss.com offers in campus, we invite you to follow the guides for professors and researchers.
    Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
    introduce yourself with a personal biography or a professional CV?
    We like to be told human stories. Your work, your life or your experiences are short stories that serve to introduce yourself and become part of a group. We talk about telling who is who through storytelling. Now, gnoss.com offers two ways to show your identity. On the one hand, you can write your biography with a compelling story about who you are, where you work or what your aspirations in life are.
    Also, apart from your biographies with your personal style, gnoss.com gives you new possibilities to generate all the CVs you want. When you write your CV, gnoss.com gives you the option to generate a pdf file to print or send through internet. Remember, in gnos.com you can write your biographies gnoss.com (‘Short bio’) and your professional resumes (‘Your CV’).
    You can follow us in real time on @equipognoss and discover our news in ‘Noticias’ and GNOSSLife blog.
    Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.





    Publicado el 12.2.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Weekly GNOSS newsletter: build and share knowledge in class
    Hi gnossonaut,
    last week we raised a discussion. We wanted you to think about how collaborative environments can define the university of the future, what in the digital ‘agora’ is known as University 2.0. But ..., let’s go further. If you are a teacher or a professor, we propose that you manage the knowledge of a subject or a working group from gnoss.com. You can build a community with the contents of your subject.
    gnoss.com communities make possible a document management that makes visible and traceable the necessary documents to give a class and why not, to generate debate around the topics covered. Work units are shared as resources that can be redone, commented, voted... In this way, the professor doesn’t have to be sending emails, attachments... He builds and shares knowledge in the community and his students access it, communicate and work with him. gnoss.com enables that this activity takes place with the privacy you want: communities can be fully public or have their maximum privacy as ‘private rooms’.
    In turn, a gnoss.com community is a space that enables collaborative management of work for a subject, either individually or collectively. It offers great possibilities in the creation of documents: a group of students can write a paper and evolve it in the same space with corrections or new contributions. gnoss.com will show the history and ensures that no document or later versions are lost. This same concept can be applied to the research groups of a university.
    We’ll keep on talking about University 2.0 ;-)
    GNOSS guide for… researchers
    gnoss.com is synonymous with collaboration. In a foundation, a university or a private company, the opportunities for interaction among users and communities in gnoss.com allow advanced management of resources and projects. Always with the privacy that gnoss.com enables.
    Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
    write as many biographies as you want?
    gnoss.com users have a lot of work ;-) The network possibilities for the development of the gnossonauts digital identity are an advantage to those who want to be in the right place at the right time. Because gnoss.com allows you to write as many biographies as you want: one for your work, another one for your specialty, another one in a different language ... From gnoss.com we invite you to consider the advantages of writing your bio (or bios). It will be your ‘business card’ in communities and wherever you go on the Web. Do you want to work your identity? You can start doing so from the link ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown menu. There you’ll find a bar with the ‘Editor of Biographies’. In future newsletters we’ll tell you some tips and examples that can interest you.
    Oh! before saying goodbye, this week we recommend to read Atareq and Teclado Móvil. You’ll like them.
    Enjoy GNOSS! We innovate with you.