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Hi gnossonaut!

Are you preparing your own selection of the best educational resources on the Web? Do you create educational materials for your students so that they can learn with the tools provided by the Internet? Are you working on a project of educational intervention based on GNOSS Educa? We propose a challenge:  launches the first edition of the GNOSS EDUCA Challenge with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Government of La Rioja, Éniac Formación, Grupo Osaba and Unipapel.  The goal of the contest is to reward the work of the educational community (teachers, education professionals, educators and students) who are developing and promoting education on the Internet.


1.    Best original interactive resource uploaded to Didactalia


What is an original interactive resource?

It is an educational resource (page, web, application development in Flash...) prepared by a person or an organization. This person or organization must upload it to Didactalia to be a candidate. The candidacy must be sent by the author/s or any other person.

2.    Best collection of resources prepared by a user in Didactalia


How do I prepare my collection of resources?

The collection of resources has to be published in the public personal space of the user and have educational content. In this space, you have to create a category called COLLECTION OF EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES and include educational resources (created by yourself or by others) you consider that fit. These resources have to be shared with Didactalia.

3.    Best educational intervention in the classroom by a teacher with GNOSS Educa  (Secondary Education, High School, Vocational Training)

Prize for the winner: LAPTOP LENOVO IDEAPAD S10-3T/10,1"/TABLET/W7

Prize for the first finalist: Notebook.

Prize for the second finalist: External hard drive.

4.    Best school project with  GNOSS Educa (Secondary Education, High School, Vocational Training)

Prize: 2.000 euros to invest in material for the center that can be choose between the sponsoring companies products: notebooks and paper material, microphones for teachers, notebooks, smartphones...



The Team manages the receipt of applications. To participate in the challenges, contestants must comply with the terms of use; be users (have signed up) and submit their proposals via email to

The text should include the category that you choose, the description of the candidacy, e-mail, and contact telephone number. The email subject should be: Application for GNOSS EDUCA CHALLENGE. Participants must briefly explain their experience. A person may apply for more than one category. We recommend that you consult the complete CONTEST RULES OF THE GNOSS EDUCA CHALLENGE.

Do you dare to take the challenge?  The countdown has begun: you have until March 18th, 2011. 

Enjoy! We innovate with you.

The Team


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