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Publicado el 4 . 8 . 2009 por Equipo GNOSS

Dear gnossnauts:

We present you here the report with the improvements we have introduced in this release of GNOSS 2.1.0401 and 2.1.0401:

  1. Login to the system
    1. Improvements in design of the GNOSS login page
  2. Identity and profile
    1. An appearence problems of the communities list in the case of users with many subscriptions has been fixed.
    2. Blogs have been added to the profile card.
  3. Document edition:
    1. The default title of a type-“file” resource will be the name of the document.
    2. The possibility of sending a link to a resource in draft state has been avoided.
    3. The error when creating a new version of a document with the English language option has been solved.
    4. When you are editing a resource of type-"file" the link to the document will be shown.
    5. A document can be protected at the time of loading.
    6. A problem with the menu of the Wiki articles.
  4. Document versions management:
    1. There are new functions to protect documents.
    2. You can download any version of a resource versions history of a resource.
    3. After generating a new version of a resource the publication date will be updated.
    4. Improvements and errors solution in the creation of resources versions
  5. Sign up and requests:
    1. A navigation problem in the registration process has been fixed.
    2. Improvements in the registration of new users have been introduced.
    3. An error in the "I forgot my password" process has been fixed.
    4. An error in the selection of the English language has been fixed.
  6. Contributions and personal space for resources:
    1. Se ha solucionado un error en las contribuciones de una persona con identidad de organización
    2. An error in the contributions of a person with organizational identity has been fixed.
    3. A bug in the filtering of resources by date after adding tags in the search options has been fixed.
    4. The accidental erasure of the default categories of the personal space for resources (public, private, My Pictures, My Videos) is prevented.
    5. The statistics texts in the Contributions page have been improved.
    6. The index of categories view in the personal space for resources and in the communities has been improved
    7. The display of the resource description has been enhanced.
    8. A problem with the type of view (simple or detailed) in the personal space for resources has been fixed.
  7. Communities:
    1. A bug that prevented entering a community with its own URL in English has been fixed
    2. A problem that allowed access to a community without being a member has been solved.
  8. Blogs:
    1. A problem that did not allow to show a good description of the blog entry in draft mode has been fixed.
    2. A problem that prevented to delete an "editor" of the blog has been fixed.
    3. A bug that could cause the loss of the contents of a blog has been fixed.
  9. Subscriptions:
    1. The subscription newsletter is available in Spanish.
    2. The subscriptions view has been modified to show only the latest version of the document.
  10. Email:
    1. The navigation problems when sending messages have been solved.
  11. Invitations:
    1. The translation of the invitation messages has been improved.
  12. Improvements of styles and image view:
    1. The navigation with the Chrome browser on the page “People and organizations” has been improved.
    2. The design of the window to add tags to a resource has been improved.
    3. The text of the window "Add to my resources" have been improved.
    4. The image display of the community manager has been enhanced.
    5. The image display of the subscriptions has been enhanced.
    6. The texts of the biography page have been improved.
    7. The text editor for Internet Explorer 7 and 8, with more text format options, has been improved.
    8. A problem with accents in the messages and contacts search filter has been improved.



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