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Hi gnossonaut!

Open data, web 3.0, talent or semantics. You’ve probably used these concepts in 2010 in more than one occasion. We can think of many cases: perhaps in a meeting with colleagues, in a conversation with your contacts on the Net; when you tagged or categorized a resource... In our review of the best of 2010, these words take on special importance as they are the most popular, either through visits or votes in the resources that contain them. Thus, as the finale to 2010, we’re showing you the trending topics 2010, a set of resources with the highlight of the year on in two areas: educational - with the best educational materials and featured opinions about innovation and learnig- and internet - with an interesting discussion about Web 3.0 and the role of data-.

The 5 most viewed resources about internet

  1. What’s your definition of web 3.0?
  2. Diary of work in Silicon Valley (Myriam García)
  3. OnSalus: Medical questions and medical answers
  4. Course about Semantic Web
  5. Goodbye Google Wave (Genbeta)

The 5 better considered resources about internet

  1. Releasing the People's Data (Open Data @ CTIC)
  2. Knowledge is more than Data
  3. Course about Semantic Web
  4. Twitter and Facebook will soon dominate the web, and not Google - Sean Parker
  5. What’s your definition of web 3.0?

The 5 most viewed resources about Education

  1. Scholar Google in beta: useful to track thesis, scientific articles…
  2. learn maths playing (Instituto Apoyo)
  3. Alphabet, Poisson Rouge’s English alphabet e
  4. more than a street map
  5. Learn the multiplication tables with the snakes and ladders game

The 5 better considered resources about Education

  1. Interview with Luis Cacho, President of and Fundación Promete
  2. Interview with Isabel Ardanaz, community manager  of
  3. Men with Talent. Eduardo Punset
  4. “Volunteering 2.0 to help young people with talent”
  5. Lecture of Fundación Promete at the I Global Forum on Talent


Enjoy! We innovate with you.

Happy New Year!

The Team

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