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Hi gnossonaut!

We have prepared a great audiovisual menu for you for the next few days. Shall we begin? We recommend that you don’t miss LRyPunto (Popular TV).  The program has made a special on Social Networks where some professionals and organizations give their different views on Web 2.0. The report includes a visit to the offices and presents the GNOSS Educa project. And we go on… because you shouldn’t miss the last edition of '+ De España', which discusses R&D projects in La Rioja and includes a reference to the Community of Talent (Fundación  Promete), hosted in



Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO, is participating in the Conference iRedes

The next 24th and 25th February the First Latin American Congress on Social Networks (iRedes) is taking place in Burgos (Spain). The event will receive more than 250 professionals involved with social networks and facilitators of the major networks in Spain and Latin America, community managers and digital entrepreneurs, professionals interested in the field of marketing and communication and people responsible for building, expanding and managing communities around a brand or purpose. Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO, is participating in the section 'Entangled Projects’.

You can check the scheduled program and register.

If you want to know what papers, talks, seminars ... in which is involved, we invite you to see our events section.



Facebook has signed an agreement that allows better control of information to German users.

Business model and strategies to monetize Twitter users.

This 93-year old Frenchman has written a small 32-page argument asking the French youth to mobilize.

Bank of teachers’ experiences in using ICT.

This study focuses on primary and secondary education.


By the way, have you noticed any change in Stay tuned to the news on GNOSSLife and Watermelon. We promise surprises in the coming days.


Enjoy! We innovate with you.

The Team


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