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Hi gnossonaut!

We are working to improve our Help & FAQs section. Besides our usual selection of topics, every Friday we will offer you video tutorials on services and tools. To make things easier, we suggest that you view them in HD. To do this, go to the video and select 720p on 'Settings'. What do you think about it?  What do you think about it? ;)



Interesting comparison of Kendall Clark on the market for RDF databases posted on the Clark & Parsia’s Blog.

A demonstration that confirms something that many of us thought, collective intelligence, and strengthens the foundations of social networking, Web 3.0… and their application in all types of areas such as employment, education, etc.

About the premiere of ‘The Social Network’, the movie about Facebook. Recommended. An interesting approach to the global phenomenon, writing the code, the meaning of social networks, the complex game of relationships, egos, mathematics, power, ambition around the project, present and future of the site…

How can you create value that will put you ahead of the competition? The Semantic Web Summit, formerly the Web 3.0 Conference, features innovators across industries examining the potential of the semantic web, and how it can transform the way you do business.


Guidance to decide the best career paths, obtain information on Distance Professional Training, and access to training modules or courses in which the student is registered.

Interesting post that tries to answer the following questions: "How does education works? What stimulates the learning process? How do children learn? Could it be that they can learn on their own? Can learning environments be self-organized? What is the role of motivation and love in education? What role does technology play in all this?".


It is common in Spain to give high priority and importance to everything that is published on the Spanish Economy in international specialized press.

WSJ article about Spain after the meeting that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero had with its editorial board. We recommended the video that it includes.

Program of the workshop  ‘Governing the Global Risks’, with which the Institute for Democratic Governance (Globernance) has started its activity.


InnoCentive and The Economist are teaming up to connect InnoCentive’s talented community, The Economist’s millions of readers and the rest of the world with The Economist conference series entitled the Ideas Economy.


The SWOT analysis ‘La pyme en la crisis’(the SMEs in the crisis) promotes the collective thinking of members of the community ‘Superar la crisis’ (Overcoming the crisis). Innovation, credit lines, talent, labor reform... In the best case, SMEs are surviving the economic crisis with a lot of doubts about their future.



Enjoy! We innovate with you.

The Team


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