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Publicado el 4 . 3 . 2011 por Equipo GNOSS


Hi gnossonaut! has just launched its new faceted search engine. This tool, designed and developed by RIAM I+L  Lab, the company developing, is a technological breakthrough in the development of Web 3.0 in Spain: it is the first semantic social search engine on the Internet in Spain, in this case, in a social networking space.

The faceted searches must be understood when compared to searches based on relevance, as in Google. The latter return long lists of results sorted by relevance criteria that are calculated by proprietary algorithms. The faceted search, in turn, allows getting smaller lists of results based on the reasoning of the user. They use the properties or attributes that users provide through tagging and categorization of resources.  That is, the faceted search combines artificial intelligence and collective intelligence.

 How does it work?

The faceted or reasoned search on allows you to find content or items restricting the overall set of results across multiple criteria or facets. For example, in the case of a recipe: the author, the ingredients, the number of servings, preparation time... that is, by any metadata of an entity’s semantic graph. These criteria or facets can be applied simultaneously or sequentially and the user can query the search engine iteratively. The faceted searches can be performed in any community.

To make it easier to understand this new development, we invite you to watch this video that shows how the faceted search works.

Enjoy! We innovate with you.


The Team


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