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Hi gnossonaut!

We don’t stop thinking about new challenges and… we won’t let you have a rest this summer. Do not think the worst, we know you want to enjoy the swimming pool, leisure ... but the challenges we pose will inevitably get you hooked on We invite you to participate in our COMPETITIONS.


Excellent infography prepared by Nicholas Jackson explaining the evolution of online education from the Open University to Khan Academy.

Marc Meyer gives references to 25 enterprise social software platforms.

This is the WRI Report 2010. Their results are generated through a highly focused system of clear goals and three-to-five year strategic objectives.

The vision of Telefónica R&D from some points of view, demographic and technological.

Interview with Ricardo Alonso Maturana, founder and CEO of, at the Innovation Forum 2010 in La Rioja.

POLL SERVICE has launched a new tool that you can use to give your opinion in a quick and easy way. It is the poll service.  It allows you to create all the polls you want in your favorite communities. Take a look at the selection of the best polls on

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ON GNOSS resources offer you new possibilities in managing the intellectual property of the content you share. Now, when you publish a resource, you can select its commercial uses and modifications under a Creative Commons license if you check on 'I am the author of this document’.  Under a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but you allow people to copy and distribute your work provided that they give you credit and only on the conditions you specify on

Enjoy! We innovate with you.

The Team

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