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Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: are you ready for University 2.0?

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Publicado el 5 . 2 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS

Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: are you ready for University 2.0?

Hi gnossonaut,

are you really ready? We're going to 'interrogate' you ... can we imagine a university that doesn’t share knowledge? What is the value of the university of the future? How can we use 2.0 tools, collective intelligence, open knowledge…?  Is the University 2.0 an option or a basic need for survival? Teachers, students, public administration and alumni are the protagonists of the debate that is building the future university and gnoss.com helps them. We suggest you a visit to our University 2.0 community. Discover it and ... continue to debate with us.
GNOSS guide for… journalists

The mass media and journalists have doubts about the scenario in which they will develop their profession in the near future. The temporal coincidence of several crises affecting the foundations of the profession has launched many questions about its role in the internet broader context that internet is. gnoss.com proposes an integrating space for defining the role of professional in the conversation that takes place on the Web.
Did you know that with GNOSS ... 
the "net schizophrenia" ends?
The Net has its own dictionary of terms. We talk in real time with 'microblogging', we organize our content in an efficient way thanks to the 'knowledge internet' or learn more because we bet on the 'informal learning'. This week we met another expression: the "net schizophrenia". Do you want to know what we talked about? Visit 'El País' report dedicated to gnoss.com ;-)
Enjoy GNOSS! We innovate with you.

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