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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: did you know that we work with linked data?

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Publicado el 25 . 3 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS


Weekly GNOSS newsletter: did you know that we work with linked data?
Hi gnossonaut,
students who participate, teachers who innovate and teamwork. These are some of the concepts that the ‘Campus’ supplement of ‘El Mundo’ emphasizes in an article that reflects on how the ways of teaching on college campuses are changing. The article explains the gnoss.com experience of Juan de Castro, professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The University 2.0 project serves “for managing knowledge and bring up the subjects side by side with students, that is, as part of a team”, according to the newspaper. Do you want more information about the project?
For now, the students take this new way of learning to improve their classes and start interesting conversations about their future. This is the particular case of employment contracts: the students are giving their opinion about it on the blog of the University 2.0 UCM project. What are you waiting for? They want to know what you think and talk with you. ;-)
GNOSS guide for... open government
Administrations have changed the way they interact with people thanks to the conversation environments that the Web offers. Governments are open to the citizens to listen, share and create ideas in a collaborative and continuous exchange context. gnoss.com offers tools to promote and further develop this relational change.
Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
share your contents wherever you want?
You are working in gnoss.com. You have found a good resource in a community directed to innovation. You think that content is relevant not only to the Innova community, but also interesting to gnossonauts conversing in Convergencia Tecnológica NBIC (NBIC Converging Technologies). What can you do to make this resource available in so many communities as you consider appropriate? Something as simple as ‘Share’. This option allows you to bring the data to gnoss.com communities you’re a member of. But you can still go further. The gnoss.com data are expressed in RDF files (you can access them from an icon on the upper right corner) which let you take those data to other networks or platforms. What does all that mean? Something that Tim Berners-Lee called ‘linked data web’ or ‘linked data’, because gnoss.com is linked data web.



Enjoy GNOSS! We innovate with you.
The GNOSS Team

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