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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: enjoy the ‘on line’ Encyclopedia 'on line' of educational materials

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Publicado el 5 . 3 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS

Weekly GNOSS newsletter: enjoy the ‘on line’ Encyclopedia 'on line' of educational materials
Hi gnossonaut,
we want to congratulate you for your work and confidence in the  gnoss.com education project. Open communities like Universidad 2.0, Didactalia, La otra escuela (The other school), Forma and Promete already have 450 members who daily do their bit to build an innovative educational space on the Net. Their passion for Education translates into more than 4,000 resources available to any teacher, teaching professional, parent or student who wants to consult them.
In this newsletter we emphasize the efforts made in Didactalia. This community aims to be the open social web where teachers and Education enthusiasts can share educational materials that they create for their students. There are many educational resources scattered across the Web. Didactalia offers a rich collection of educational contents where one can find materials on dynamic geometry, handwriting workbooks generators, interactive games to learn numbers in French, chemistry experiments... Didactalia is the Encyclopedia of quality educational materials on the Web. Do you want to collaborate?
GNOSS guide for… performing a SWOT analysis
The SWOT is a collective thinking tool that expresses the perception of a group in relation to its resources and future, its Strenghts, Weaknesses, Oportunities and Threatens. It is a strategic tool used in every type of environments. gnoss.com has created a collaborative SWOT service that enables a collective analysis by the members of its communities. The SWOT result unifies the visions of several experts and offers some conclusions based on statistical analysis. Do you want to perform a SWOT analysis?
Did you know that in GNOSS you can...
create a University 2.0 project?
In previous newsletters, we have thought about how collaborative environments can define the university of the future, what we call University 2.0. If you are a professor, we propose that you manage your course or a working group from gnoss.com. You can create your class and a knowledge area to assess and work the contents of a subject with your students.
gnoss.com communities become knowledge areas that enable to view and find the documents necessary to give a class and, why not, generate discussion around the topics covered. Work units are shared as resources that can be redone, commented, voted ... In this way, the professor doesn’t have to be sending emails, attachments... He builds and shares knowledge in the community and his students access it, communicate and work together with him. gnoss.com allows that this activity takes place with the privacy you want: communities can be fully public or reach a maximum privacy. And how do you evaluate this work? Through an organization account in gnoss.com which turns into the class to manage the activity and student work. Do you want more information?
Enjoy GNOSS! We innovate with you.
The GNOSS Team

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