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Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: are you leaving Ning?

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Publicado el 23 . 7 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS

Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: are you leaving Ning?

Hi gnossonaut!

If you are a Ning user, you still have one month to decide if you pay or, otherwise, your community will disappear. This week Ning has started its new payment plans and offers 30 days in order that you decide what method of payment you are ready to agree or, if you do not agree, migrate to another service.

Before this change of Ning's strategy, gnoss.com can help you to save your community on a free way:

-Ning has developed a tool to rescue the contents that you have published at its service. It is a backup or safety copy. If you have decided that you are not going to pay for your network in Ning, we recommend to you to do the safety copy.

-The contents of your former community in Ning can lodge at a community of gnoss.com. We propose you four different types depending on the privacy you want to have. With the copy of safety extracted from Ning you will be able to migrate to gnoss.com and you´ll save the activity of your network. Before August finishes, we will offer a tool to import the contents of your community in Ning and to take them to your community in gnoss.com.

If you want more information about the communities of gnoss.com, you can read Watermelon's post in which we analyze the export / migration of contents; the strategy of payment in gnoss.com; and our Open Data philosophy.

We encourage you to work with gnoss.com, create an account and test with a community. You can begin now. If you have any doubt or need help, contact us.

Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

The gnoss.com Team


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