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Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: GNOSS University 2.0

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Publicado el 2 . 7 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS

Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: GNOSS University 2.0

Hi gnossonaut!

Education is one of the topics we are more concerned about, since we are a social network and internet users who believe in Web 2.0 as a tool to improve and accelerate learning. From gnoss.com, we have promoted communities like Didactalia, Forma or La otra escuela (The other school) where you can find all kinds of educational material and content about training and innovation in teaching. Those are our proposals but we’d love to have new ideas and educational communities in gnoss.com. We’ll listen to you ;-)

GNOSS University 2.0

In this newsletter we are presenting you the results of the GNOSS 2.0 University initiative, which we have carried out this year with a pilot experience in the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.
GNOSS University 2.0 is a higher education approach aimed at improving, enriching and accelerating student learning in college thanks to the possibilities of social networks. It’s not about traditional e-learning, which paradigm is Moodle, which too often has used internet as an educational space to do the same than in the classroom but with other media. If you are interested in the proposal and want more information about it, we invite you to read how and why GNOSS University 2.0 was born.

Students’ and professors’ opinion

Participation, knowledge management, flexibility... These are the advantages of GNOSS University 2.0 outlined by some of the 400 students who have studied from gnoss.com communities this year. We don’t tell you about it, students do it themselves. You can see them on our YouTube channel. Encouraged by the success of the experience, we want to extend the GNOSS University 2.0 project to other colleges and universities. Can we count on you? If you’re interested in creating your gnoss.com class, we’ll help you.
You needn’t wait. If you wish, you already can work in the GNOSS University 2.0 space. We suggest this video tutorial to create your own class and subject. What if you are a student? If you are having fun in social networks like Tuenti or Facebook... why don’t you enjoy the classes in gnoss.com? Tell your professor ;-)

Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

The gnoss.com Team

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