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Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: GNOSSLife

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Publicado el 16 . 4 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS

Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: GNOSSLife

Hi gnossonaut!
It’s said that good journalism is the one that tells human stories, which deals with the things that happen to people, with their opinions, with their feelings... The logic of social networks is very similar. Without people, no life. Without life, no network. That’s why we want to bring the stories of gnoss.com to the gnossonauts, to tell how the most active community managers work, what the most lively users do, what the news of the development team are, which communities are on the move... Our proposal is GNOSSLife, the blog about gnoss.com life, a society on the Net. To start with, we recommend that you shouldn’t miss the enthusiasm and the will of Isabel in the virtual community of talent. An A in her work!
Remember that you can also follow gnoss.com life in the ‘Noticias’ (news) community, in GNOSS Club, in our Facebook web or in @equipognoss or… even in your own community.
GNOSS guide for... coolhunters
Internet is a great square where conversation branches out and distributes. In the case of gnoss.com, many users share highly specialized information in specified fields. Actually, they show new movements, ideas and projects that will play a leading role in the future. So, gnoss.com can be a useful tool for people who want to detect and follow emerging trends.
Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
build a wiki article?
Do you work as a team? Do you want your friends to collaborate with you or your work department to run a brainstorming? In gnoss.com we suggest an idea: you can create a wiki article, a collaborative document in which all community members can bring their proposals, collaborations... To start one of these documents, the community manager should have previously enabled the ‘Wiki article’ on Management/ Utilities. Thus, when you enter a community, from the action ‘Add resource’ you can select the wiki article and start working on it easily. gnoss.com also allows you to track versions of wiki articles (‘I want to…’ menu/ Manage wiki Articles) and see their ‘History’.

Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

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