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Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: personal users and organizations

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Publicado el 23 . 4 . 2010 por Equipo GNOSS

Weekly gnoss.com newsletter: personal users and organizations

Hi gnossonaut!
In gnoss.com you have the option to register as an individual user or as an organization. In turn, an organization invites users to join its group. In our next release you will see new features that will make your work easier: 
  • Visibility: an organization decides which of its members are visible in the organization profile. In addition, its members have the option to edit the biography that will appear when representing their organization.
  • Comments: members of an organization can comment the contents in user’s personal profiles and the blogs posts of gnoss.com. The organization manager will decide which people have these permissions.
GNOSS guide for... professors
Previously we have told you about the experience University 2.0 that we are developing with the effort and dedication showed by a group of students and professors of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. To find out what gnoss.com offers in campus, we invite you to follow the guides for professors and researchers.
Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
introduce yourself with a personal biography or a professional CV?
We like to be told human stories. Your work, your life or your experiences are short stories that serve to introduce yourself and become part of a group. We talk about telling who is who through storytelling. Now, gnoss.com offers two ways to show your identity. On the one hand, you can write your biography with a compelling story about who you are, where you work or what your aspirations in life are.
Also, apart from your biographies with your personal style, gnoss.com gives you new possibilities to generate all the CVs you want. When you write your CV, gnoss.com gives you the option to generate a pdf file to print or send through internet. Remember, in gnos.com you can write your biographies gnoss.com (‘Short bio’) and your professional resumes (‘Your CV’).
You can follow us in real time on @equipognoss and discover our news in ‘Noticias’ and GNOSSLife blog.
Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

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