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    Publicado el 22.1.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    Weekly GNOSS Newsletter: find friends in your community

    Hello gnossonaut,
    we believe in the power of a team. It is one of the keys to our project. So, GNOSS communities are a reflection of this philosophy of cooperation and participation. Now, when you access any of them, you have the image of gnossonauts who share your same interests. Do you want to talk to them? Below the image of the community manager or managers, you can see an images cloud with users participating and conversing in this virtual space. Click on their photo or portrait and you can contact them.
    By the way, haven’t you written your personal biography yet? Don’t wait any more. If you are a community manager, two lines of your biography will appear on the homepage. You’ll have to work a little...
    GNOSS guide for… discovering GNOSS in ten steps
    There’s always a first time, we know, but ... we want to make it very easy for you. If you’ve just signed up for GNOSS, you may have questions about what content and services you have in our network. Therefore, we offer you a guide to take your first steps in GNOSS.
    Did you know that in GNOSS you can…
    Follow the updates of GNOSS blogs and communities froma anywhere you want?
    Aggregators like Technorati, Bloglines or Google Reader  allow you to easily follow the updates of your favorite webpages. They retrieve new blog posts or news, digital media... you choose. They do this through a system of ‘feeds’ or RSS. What’s this? On the same webpage, you get all the news that take place in the webs that you want. Now, GNOSS gives you the option of following their blog posts and resources in its communities thanks to its RSS.
    How can you use this service on your website or aggregator? When you access a GNOSS blog or a GNOSS community homepage, an orange icon appears in the upper right of your screen (under ‘Help’). Click on it and copy the Internet address of your navigation bar in your aggregator. Since then, you will receive the updates of GNOSS blogs and communities you choose. Some aggregator services also allow you to directly copy the url or web address of the page you want to follow.
    Enjoy GNOSS! We innovate with you.