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The SWOT is a collective thinking tool that expresses the perception of a group in relation to its resources and future, its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threatens. It is a strategic tool used in every type of environments. GNOSS has created a collaborative SWOT service that enables a collective analysis by the members of its communities. The SWOT result unifies the visions of several experts and offers some conclusions based on statistical analysis.

GNOSS has prepared an itinerary for the SWOT managers, editors and participants that will allow them to work with this collective thinking tool in an effective and agile way:
  1. General options to create a swot
  2. How to include the SWOT analysis factors
  3. Editors and participants assess and vote
  4. Phase to unify the SWOT analysis
To propose a SWOT analysis, you have to enter your community and go to the tab 'Collective thinking'. There you will find the button 'Create swot'. If that tab is not available in your community toolbar, the manager may request it to GNOSS
If you want to see all SWOT analyses you’re taking in, either as a manager, editor or participant, you have a shortcut to ‘My SWOT’ in your dropdown menu (the personal or the corporate one) that will take you to a webpage with your swot list and their state.


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