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GNOSS guide for… journalists

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GNOSS guide for… journalists
The mass media and journalists have doubts about the scenario in which they will develop their profession in the near future. The temporal coincidence of several crises affecting the foundations of the profession has launched many questions about its role in the internet broader context that internet is. GNOSS proposes an integrating space for defining the role of professional in the conversation that takes place on the Web.

Trends Radar
The orientation of the GNOSS communities GNOSS puts particular emphasis on resources with information that explores the technological innovation and new ways to understand and apply the learning, among other areas. The aim is to detect and identify trends in various fields in cooperation with the user input. To do this, GNOSS promotes the use of its different tools among internauts with scientific, academic, professional and researcher profiles. Most resources that build the communities locate, discover and present very valuable information for its novelty in very specific fields. Thus, a journalist can monitor and find out new content on his/her corresponding specialty: GNOSS works as a powerful radar to discover information. How? A user can subscribe to the communities that interest him/her most and receive a daily or weekly email with the contents of his interest.

New role as 'community manager'
GNOSS promotes the integration of the journalist in the context of an open network with multiple sources and content. The professional is no longer limited to broadcast, the information is not unidirectional: (the) journalist is part of a conversation in which he/she has to participate. GNOSS enables the user to lead and manage a reputation not only as a producer of content, but as administrator of communities managing the quality of information and promoting the dissemination of trends and new content.

The NextMedia community
If GNOSS speaks of trends, the mass media are an intrinsic part of GNOSS. The NextMedia community is the virtual space where students, professionals and interested users can share information and have discussions. If the future of media is on the Web, GNOSS wants to discuss on this future that is already here..

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