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GNOSS guide for...following your favorite websites

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GNOSS guide for... following your favorite websites from your community

Would you like to have your own personalized newspaper in your community? has developed a system based on RSS/ATOM that allows you to follow all the blog entries, news and webs on one page of your community. For now, this service is available only to community managers. We’ll tell you how to use it:
  • Go to the blog or media that you would like to follow from your community. The site will likely include an icon that tells you that you can follow its content via RSS or ATOM. These files, as shown by Wikipedia, are used to “publish frequently updated works, such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video” for users who subscribe to them. Click on the icon or hyperlink that takes you to the RSS of the webpage and copy the address that appears in your browser.
  • In, go to ‘Management’ of your community (upper bar) and click on ‘RSS/ATOM Feeds’. Click on ‘New feed’ and paste the address you copied in the previous step. The RSS feed will be automatically linked to your community.
  • Click on ‘Validate’. The service will display a page where you can name your RSS feed, choose the frequency to receive entries, select the tags you want to associate with the feed, determine how to categorize the entry, among other options. When the options are ready according to your preferences, click on ‘Save’.
  • You’ll probably find some of the entries interesting as resources for your community. Click on the post that you’ve chosen and click on ‘Publish’ and you can share with other members of your community as another resource. We invite you to refine, work and edit the texts that the RSS system gives you. Users of your community deserve it.

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