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 The thematic specialization of the GNOSS communities enables to find people grouped by common interests. It’s possible to make very specific searches on content and users who excel in highly specialized sectors. How can you find them?

Specialized Communities
GNOSS is a network of networks where users share their knowledge in various communities grouped by topics or interests. On a first visit, a recruiter can navigate through GNOSS and see what the thematic areas or communities he/she is interested in. You can also make a detailed search on specialties or specific fields to find professional profiles. GNOSS guarantees they can do it discreetly, since the headhunter has the option of remaining ‘invisible’ to maintain discretion in their operations.
Subscription to profiles and categories
GNOSS allows you to follow both users of your interest for a possible job and topics on which you are trying to find an expert or a particular profile. In the first case, the headhunter can subscribe to the profile of the person who has caught his/her attention. So, he/she will receive by email all the information that the user shares in his personal profile. On the other hand, if you still haven’t found a profile of your interest, GNOSS suggest you to subscribe to categories related to the field or sector in which there is a necessity. For example, if you intend to take on an analyst with experience in web 3.0, it makes sense to subscribe to the category ‘Semantic programming languages’ (‘Lenguajes de programación semántica’) in the NextWeb community. The GNOSS user that adds resources in this site is likely an interesting profile for possible recruitment.
Augmented profiles
When you find an interesting user or someone that fits into the objective, GNOSS provides access to a profile in which not only the curriculum vitae will be shown. If the user has enabled it, the headhunter can navigate through the user resources and view his work, thesis, reports, participation in events and conferences ... More than enough material to make a good choice.
Private communication
Finally, if the recruiter finds a person of his/her interest, GNOSS offers the possibility of sending a private communication through its message service.


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