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GNOSS guide for… performing a SWOT analysis: how to include the SWOT analysis factors

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  1. General options to create a swot
  2. How to include the SWOT analysis factors
  3. Editors and participants assess and vote
  4. Phase to unify the SWOT analysis


 We recommend that you prepare the SWOT analysis factors after having completed the 'General options'. You must complete two fields:
In this brief text you show what is to be read on the weaknesses/threats/strengths/opportunities of your SWOT analysis. By default, you have a standard text that you can change if you want.
Add new  weaknesses, threatens, strengths and opportunities:
It is the enumeration of concepts in each section. You can include as many as you want. A control activated in the upper left side of each of them allows you to put them in the order you prefer.
This process is similar for the four SWOT tabs. They have different colors (just under 'Factors'). To facilitate your work, the tab on which you are including the factors is highlighted.
When you're done with the ‘General options’ and the 'Factors', click on 'Publish'. Note that, at that time, you cannot go back and the process of assessing your SWOT starts... until the selected deadline.
Do you want to create a SWOT analysis?
To propose a SWOT analysis, you have to enter your community and go to the tab 'Collective thinking'. There you will find the button 'Create swot'. If that tab is not available in your community toolbar, the manager may request it to GNOSS
If you want to see all SWOT analyses you’re taking in, either as a manager, editor or participant, you have a shortcut to ‘My SWOT’ in your dropdown menu (the personal or the corporate one) that will take you to a webpage with your swot list and their state.
You can get more information about the SWOT tool in the GNOSS guide for… performing a SWOT analysis.

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