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Published Susana López Sola Por Susana López Sola

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"The Future Of Magazines, Possibly" (El futuro de las revistas), post de Hamilton Nolan en Gawker

Otro artículo sobre el futuro de las revistas, en este caso desde la visión de Gawker, por Hamilton Nolan.

"These are troubled times in the magazine industry. Reed Elsevier announced today that it is selling its mag publishing division, which includes Variety and Publishers Weekly, in order to reduce exposure to "cyclicality" in ad markets. And bad news for any editors looking for employment at Meredith: their president, Jack Griffin, says "We don't hire editors any more. We hire content strategists." Hope they teach that at Medill! But the real question is, is the magazine industry actually changing as quickly and perilously as business types seem to think?"

The original license is kept.


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