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'Could data save newspapers?' (Inma - Kylie Davis)

Interesante artículo en el que se analiza la repercusión que pueden tener las estrategias basadas en datos en medios de comunicación:

McKinsey offers up five areas to consider:


  1. Data is no longer proprietary. Rather, it is undergoing “radical transparency.” Consider the implications for your business.

  2. Big data allows you test all your decisions and conduct experiments. Consider how that could change the way you compete.

  3. Big data allows widespread, real-time customisation. Could this be a game changer in your business? The answer for newspapers is clearly ‘yes’ on this. We’re seeing the impact of it already.

  4. Big data can augment or even replace management, or some managerial decisions. (Bring it!)

    1. New business models are being built on data.


Shared on 2.11.2011 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Dos visiones muy diferentes sobre el futuro de la prensa

El Inma World Congress (Inma, International Newsmedia Marketing Association), ha dejado un buen puñado de ideas y reflexiones sobre el tortuoso presente y turbio futuro de la prensa.


Published on 30.5.2009 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz