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'Could data save newspapers?' (Inma - Kylie Davis)

Interesante artículo en el que se analiza la repercusión que pueden tener las estrategias basadas en datos en medios de comunicación:

McKinsey offers up five areas to consider:


  1. Data is no longer proprietary. Rather, it is undergoing “radical transparency.” Consider the implications for your business.

  2. Big data allows you test all your decisions and conduct experiments. Consider how that could change the way you compete.

  3. Big data allows widespread, real-time customisation. Could this be a game changer in your business? The answer for newspapers is clearly ‘yes’ on this. We’re seeing the impact of it already.

  4. Big data can augment or even replace management, or some managerial decisions. (Bring it!)

    1. New business models are being built on data.


Shared on 2.11.2011 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Artículo de Juan Cruz Moreno en el que analiza las posibilidades de los datos abiertos de los gobiernos como materia prima para proyectos periodísticos basados en data-driven journalism.

Para ello refiere el caso de The Story (Gavin Sheridan) en Irlanda.


Shared on 4.10.2011 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Use of Semantic Web Technologies on the BBC Web Sites


The BBC has long been an advocate of Linked Data, an approach to using the Web to connect related data, or as Wikipedia puts it "a term used to describe a recommended best practice for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web using URIs and RDF."


Shared on 19.7.2011 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

"Why We Sold TechCrunch To AOL, And Where We Go From Here" (Michael Arrington)

Michael Arrington explica y razona sobre los motivos de la venta de TechCrunch a AOL.


Published on 29.9.2010 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz


Instapaper - a simple tool to save web pages for reading later

Nueva herramienta para 'aplazar' lecturas:

Instapaper gives you a Read Later bookmark.

  1. When you find something you want to read, but you don't have time, click Read Later.
  2. Come back when you have time, or read your articles on the go


Published on 13.9.2010 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

10 ways data is changing how we live (

The availability of new sets of data has changed the way we live our lives: here are 10 examples of data which have changed everything from how we assess wars to how companies deliver milk.   


Published on 2.9.2010 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Tesis doctoral: 'Del blog al microblog', de @sblanco (Sonia Blanco)

Tesis doctoral de Sonia Blanco'Del blog al microblog: el devenir del receptor en generador y emisor de contenidos en la web 2.0'





Published on 9.8.2010 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Adiós Google Wave: el proyecto es abandonado (genbeta)

Genbeta analiza el abandono del proyecto Google Wave por parte de Google:

"Google Wave no será retirado por ahora, pero no se seguirán desarrollando más funcionalidades ni se intentará mejorar el servicio. La nota de prensa de Google es clara y afirman que “Wave no ha sido adoptado por el número de usuarios que esperábamos”.


Shared on 5.8.2010 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Flipboard (Reseña

Revista personalizada para iPad que conecta con los perfiles de Facebook y Twitter del usuario para agregar los contenidos de los enlaces que sus contactos comparten en estas redes.


Published on 28.7.2010 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz