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Wallpaper* - Quince años de modernistas urbanos (

Wallpaper*, la revista que arbitró el estilo global en los noventa, llega a su número 150 reconvertida en un éxito multiplataforma.


Published on 29.7.2011 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

"Are magazines doomed, too?" (¿Están las revistas condenadas también?), en el blog BuzzMachine por Jeff Jarvis

Una entrada del blog BuzzMachine, de Jeff Jarvis,sobre el futuro de la publicación de revistas. Post del 27 de abril de 2009.

En este post, Jeff Jarvis se plantea si las revistas que se publican corren el riesgo de desaparecer, comenzando el artículo con el cierre de la revista Portfolio de Condé Nast. Jeff Jarvis no cree que las revistas estén 'condenadas', pero sí que cada vez será más difícil que surjan nuevas publicaciones y que si revistas 'pequeñas' caen, no parece probable que vayan a tener sustitutos.

"Mind you, I’m not saying that magazines are going to start dropping like flies and newspapers. When the economy comes back, many will still be able to sell their targeted, engaged audiences to advertisers for a premium … at least for awhile. Some may even manage to pull off a metamorphosis into community platforms and a few high-value titles — see: The Economist — can even grow. But when the weak ones die, there’ll be none to replace them."


Published on 3.12.2009 by Susana López Sola

Media Darwinism: Which Sites Will Survive?

If there's one thing media prognosticators can agree on, it's that print publications are on the way out. The great unanswered question is what the online media of the future will actually look like. Although it has been 13 years since the launch of Slate magazine and, we are still in the early stages of the evolution of online media, and it remains to be seen which creatures will emerge from the primordial ooze adapted to survive in a harsh new environment.


Published on 30.4.2009 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz

Wired UK launches

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Wired UK launches

Condé Nast lanza la edición local de 'Wired' en Reino Unido. Doble mérito al sacar al mercado un medio físico en tiempos de crisis.


Published on 2.4.2009 by Rubén Vinagre Sáenz