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A raíz del lanzamiento público (en beta) de, se publicaba en el blog Jeni's Musing el artículo "Why Linked Data for" en el que se reflexiona y argumenta las ventajas de utilizar datos enlazadaos o 'linked data', donde aborda el tema de estándares y vocabularios. Recomendable la lectura del post para aquellos interesados en interoperabilidad semántica, puesto que los datos enlazados son un paso hacia la misma.

Un anticipo del post: " was finally launched to the public last week (still in beta, but now a more public beta than the beta that it’s been in for the last few months). It’s a great step forward, and everyone involved should be proud of both the amount of data that’s been made available and the website itself, which (unlike a lot of UK government IT) was developed rapidly by a small team based on open source software (and at low cost). This is a first step on a long road. One of the features of the UK Government’s approach to freeing data is the emphasis on using linked data. What I don’t think has really been articulated is either what that means or why we should take this approach. [...] the UK government is committed to publishing data as linked data because they are convinced it is the best approach available for publishing data in a hugely diverse and distributed environment, in a gradual and sustainable way. Why?"
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