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Semantic interoperability


Is it possible to exchange and 'understand' information between different public health services, between different Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or between governments that do not use the same informatic applications? These are some questions the semantic interoperability gives answer to. It referes, in a general sense, to "the ability of any communicating entities to share unambiguous meaning", as defined by Wikipedia. Within this general concept, we can distinguish two main application types:

  • Those relating to communication between people and systems (human-machine interoperability).
  • Those applications in which communication takes place between two or more systems that exchange information (interoperability between systems).

The aim of the 'Semantic interoperability' community, promoted by the GNOSS Team, is to build a digital living space where researchers, technicians, programmers, linguists and experts in semantics can meet, share information, work and learn collaboratively, discuss and be updated on topics related to this area.

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2 de octubre de 2009




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