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Semantic interoperability > data+integration


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Metatomix es una empresa estadounidense, especializada en integración semántica de sistemas. Disponen de soluciones adaptadas a diferentes sectores (justicia, investigación criminal, servicios financieros, fabricación y ciencias de la vida), además de una plataforma de desarrollo semántico, basada en Eclipse, disponible para integradores.

Lo que dicen de sí mismos:

"Metatomix solutions intelligently link data from existing disparate systems to create a common semantic understanding of your information across the enterprise, providing you a 360º view of your business information. As a result, business applications can leverage information that comes not just from a single product system or data store, but from across all data sources. The combined data - including relationships and correlations that were previously undiscovered - can actually create new, insightful information. This information can be added to or modified as needed, without extensive software coding ... providing an extremely flexible information foundation for your business applications.

Our customers and partners are seeking out a new approach to integrate their existing systems intelligently in real-time, allowing them to uncover meaning and drive actions based on the best data available. Working alongside our customers and our partners, we provide industrial strength solutions that dramatically improve the quality of information to support and implement decisions, streamline operations to reduce costs, and improve the agility of their organizations to react.

Metatomix has been different from the beginning, focusing on the end-to-end business value. As an early adopter of semantic services, we added rules, workflow, and embraced W3C open standards to create an end-to-end development and deployment environment."


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