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All the GNOSS spaces for resources, including your personal space for resources, have an index. In particular, all personal spaces for resources of GNOSS users have two default categories: private resources and public resources. They can’t be changed, but you can set up any new categories you need and organize them as you want, just as you organize your folders in windows.

At the ‘Categories’ button of your personal space for resources you have all the actions to do it. If you click on the little triangle to the right of ‘Categories’, you will see that you can create a new category. When you do it, think not only about the name, but also where to place it in your index: is it a subcategory of Private resources or, on the contrary, of Public resources?

If you want to edit or delete a category, remember to select the correct category. In the categories menu, the options to edit and delete categories will be displayed.


Publicado em 17.9.2010 por Equipo GNOSS



Tutorial that shows how to create a new category in the management of a community. It also shows how to modify it, move it or rename it.


Publicado em 10.9.2010 por Equipo GNOSS