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Publicado por Martin Alvarez Espinar


This document is an English version of Decalogo Open Data, issued on 9th May 2012.

0.  Harmonize these practices throughout public bodies.

  1. Publish data in open and standard formats.
  2. Use agreed taxonomies and vocabularies, and open metadata.
  3. Inventory all data sets in a structured catalog.
  4. Data accessible through persistent and friendly URLs
  5. Expose a minimum number of data sets and the publication roadmap, according to the organization's competences.
  6. Service level agreements with the definition of commitments related to the data quality and update, based on an efficient dialogue between governments and re-users.
  7. Monitor and analyze service and its usage through specific metrics.
  8. Non-restrictive and common licenses for PSI re-use.
  9. Evangelize and educate on usage of data.
  10. Collect and spread applications, tools and reference guides to encourage and make easier PSI re-use.

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