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GNOSS patrocina el LILE 2015 "Learning and Education with the Web of Data", un espacio de reflexión sobre de qué manera se está configurando un Internet Educativo en Linked (Open) Data, en el marco de la 24 International World Wide Web Conference (Florencia, Italia, 18-22 May 2015). El objetivo principal del mismo era "to discuss approaches making use of Web Data and related technologies, especially Linked Data, for teaching, learning and education" En el evento se reflexiona sobre cuáles son sus actores fundamentales, cómo se están relacionando, los principales retos y desafios, así como cuáles pudieran ser los catalizadores que hagan que dicha construcción se acelere e incremente. Este espacio da con...

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  Hi gnossonaut! Are you preparing your own selection of the best educational resources on the Web? Do you create educational materials for your students so that they can learn with the tools provided by the Internet? Are you working on a project of educational intervention based on GNOSS Educa? We propose a challenge:  launches the first edition of the GNOSS EDUCA Challenge with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Government of La Rioja, Éniac Formación, Grupo Osaba and Unipapel.  The goal of the contest is to reward the work of the educational community (teachers, education professionals, educators and students) who are developing and promoting education on the Internet. CATEGORIES ...

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Hi gnossonaut! Open data, web 3.0, talent or semantics. You’ve probably used these concepts in 2010 in more than one occasion. We can think of many cases: perhaps in a meeting with colleagues, in a conversation with your contacts on the Net; when you tagged or categorized a resource... In our review of the best of 2010, these words take on special importance as they are the most popular, either through visits or votes in the resources that contain them. Thus, as the finale to 2010, we’re showing you the trending topics 2010, a set of resources with the highlight of the year on in two areas: educational - with the best educational materials and featured opinions about innovation and learnig- and internet - with an interesting discussion about Web 3.0 and the...

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Hi gnossonaut!Last week we told you about our news related to educational communities. We want to thank you for the excellent reception that our proposal had. We are getting questions, comments, doubts... If you have any unresolved issue, please contact us. ;-)Here is our selection of the best content of the week:NEXT WEBUsing advanced computer techniques, IBM is building a computer for processing natural language, codenamed Watson (in honor of Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM), to compete in the game show Jeopardy!CubicWeb is a development platform for building web applications, licensed under LGPL, which allows developers to efficiently build applications reusing components (called cubes) following the principles of object-oriented design.Kingsley Idehen, CEO of OpenLink Softwa...

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Hi gnossonaut!This is not an exclusive but ... just about. We’ve just launched a new release with many new features that improve mainly the creation of classes and educational communities in In fact, you may have already read the Watermelon blog, where Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO of, gives an idea of the main changes and how they affect our educational projects.Basically, we have simplified the registration of classes and educational communities with the creation of the figure of 'Professor'. In this way, any professional in education who wants to launch an educational community in can access a personalized environment to work with his/her students (provided they are 14 years old or older). You will be surprised because you can crea...

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03/09/2010 newsletter: The power of learning together: first year of gnoss.comHi gnossonaut!A society on the Network, a network of networks, a network with brain... Many times you’ve asked me what is. Well, if tomorrow, September 4th 2010, when is celebrating its first year online, you ask me what we do, I’m quite sure about it: LEARNING. During these twelve months, we’ve talked, shared content, discussed how we could improve our services... and, above all, we’ve learned a lot from each other. We are a lively community which is close to 5,000 users and has long exceeded the 400 communities. All this would not have been possible without you. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But never mind the past, let’s focus on what is coming because you h...

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27/08/2010 newsletter: 23rd August WeekHi gnossonaut!

In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in We also want to have your opinion. So don’t miss the SWOT, questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!Content 

It’s the turn of Ricardo Alonso Maturana ( CEO) in a series of interviews on the occasion of the Meeting University 2.0 at UIMP for his contribution to the event with "University GNOSS 2.0: Digital Life to learn."

The Spanish university system no longer has any representatives among the 200 best centers in the world, according to the University of Shanghai ranking.


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20/08/2010 newsletter: 16th August WeekHi gnossonaut!

In this edition of our newsletter we have prepared a selection with the best content shared in We also want to have your opinion. So do not miss the questions and discussions with more activity. Enjoy!Contents

Report that presents six new technologies that, according to some surveys, will be widely used in primary schools, secondary schools and university.

The first International Meeting on ICT and Education will take place in Lisbon on 19th and 20th November 2010.

Educational video for children that shows the potential security and privacy problems that they might face on the Net. It also has some recommendations f...

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Weekly GNOSS newsletter: enjoy the ‘on line’ Encyclopedia 'on line' of educational materials
Hi gnossonaut,
we want to congratulate you for your work and confidence in the education project. Open communities like Universidad 2.0, Didactalia, La otra escuela (The other school), Forma and Promete already have 450 members who daily do their bit to build an innovative educational space on the Net. Their passion for Education translates into more than 4,000 resources available to any teacher, teaching professional, parent or student who wants to consult them.
In this newsletter we emphasize the efforts made in Didactalia. This community aims to be the open social ...