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gnoss.com newsletter: 13rd september week


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gnoss.com newsletter: 13rd september week

Hi gnossonaut!

We are close to 5,000 users in gnoss.com. All together we are building this knowledge space where you can find articles and documents related to subjects such as innovation, education or the Web, among other topics. In this newsletter you will find a selection of the best content shared this week. Perhaps in the next newsletter, your content may appear in this selection. How? Shall you make a proposal? ;-)


In this article published in 'Goverment Computer News', IDC Shawn McCarthy proposed the 10 things that we will emerge on the web in the next 10 years according to his opinion.

Juan Varela discusses the redesign of Twitter: “It wants to become the platform to solve the content management in the era of abundance through the social flow.”

Article by Bernard Lunn on the blog ‘semanticweb.com’. He emphasizes that Facebook supports working with standards and, in particular, RDFa.

Last week the University 2.0 meeting had place at the International  University Menéndez Pelayo. You can see every talk in this summary.

Web site of the project ‘2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning’ promoted by The KnowledgeWorks Foundation. Its aim is to explore a set of dimensions that they think that are transforming our world and how we can shape the future of learning to adapt to these changes.

Beautiful speech at the Hollingworth Conference for Highly Gifted given many years ago. It presents gifted children using the metaphor of the cheetah, a feline that is different and unique in its kind.

I have read in Time magazine an interesting article by Zachary Karabell entitled ‘The two jobs reports’ (playing with the name of the Apple founder Steve Jobs)

Amalio A. Rey analyzes “endless opportunities available to innovate in the intersection of disciplines and markets”.

The global economic crisis: systemic failures and multilateral solutions. Working Group Report of the UNCTAD secretariat on systemic issues and economic cooperation.

Good journalism can be invaluable but if a philanthropic organization puts a price on it, does it guarantee its future? Organizations that work in the nonprofit journalism are generating increasing attention in the analysis of viable models for the press.




Enjoy gnoss.com! We innovate with you.

The  gnoss.com Team


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